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DEBRA Spain's work in funding research, international collaboration, and EB healthcare

€100,000 dedicated to research

DEBRA Spain health team I

DEBRA Spain are delighted to announce very positive news that they will be dedicating €100,000 euros to a 2023/24 research project lead by Dr Marta García Díez from the Carlos III University and CIEMAT. This project was selected by a panel of experts from DEBRA International. The aim is to develop a topical gel for the treatment of open wounds for people with recessive dystrophic EB.

2nd Ibero-American summit

DEBRA Spain health team II

At this second meeting organised by DEBRA Chile, with contributions from DEBRA Spain, Mexico and Colombia we focused on the psychosocial characteristics of the condition and on the need to continue to share experiences to keep growing.

DEBRA on the road - 33 visits

DEBRA Spain health team III

In the last four months we have made 33 visits to offer healthcare, mental health support and social support to families, as well as five visits to provide guidance for health care workers and advice in educational settings, whilst raising awareness for EB.


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